Plug the revoluationary PC2TEL Bridge into any cord, cordless phone or conference phone and connect to PC to make unlimited internet phone calls. No more hassles of being tethered to your computer.

Features: Works with your original sound card, music is available

No sound devices swap needed

Work with cord/cordless regular telephone/conference phonefor remote conversation

Incoming Skype calls to ring speaker

Speaker automatically switch off when you pick up the phone

Answer the call thru the phone off-hook

Put phone on-hook to disconnect Skype calls

Issue Skype calls(SkypeOut) to your buddy list from phone keypads, world-wide mobile or fixed line Phones

No power adaptor needed

Echo-cancellation, near-toll sound quality

Enclosed two sound card cables and a USB cable

Specification: Color: black

Size: 6.95 x 6.65 x 2.6cm

Enclosure: USB cord and sound card cord, driver and user's manual

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