Glossy Screen Protector

Glossify your matt screen; Protect your glossy screen

Gives your screen a glossy finish like Ultrasharp,

trubrite, XBRITE AND BRIGHTView....

Hard coating film with silicone glue


Screen Protector Installation Demo (19" LCD) .wmv file 3.8M

We manufacturer the best quality screen protector for LCD, PDA, Digital Camara, Mobile phone, POS, touch screen, ipod....

The screen protectors with:

Advanced silicone adhesive-Easy attachment, and will not cause air bubbles or leave sticky residue on screen.

Installs easily in seconds-Can be removed to be cleaned and reinstalled.

Providing long-lasting protection-It has anti-glare or clear type. All are dust-proof, scratch-proof, and anti-static features.

We sold as roll(1.04Mx200M), pre-cut, custom cut. Private labels are welcome!

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