Twist Joint Copy Holder

Twistable to any angle, Auto-cliping head, Ree-peeling leaves no glue on surface


Twist to any angle:

This twist copy holder has joints. It is made of special plastic and precision mold, so, the joints can work very well and easy for you to twist to any angle to obtain the desired position.

Rotate the top for the second page:

Putting copies back to back, you can easily rotate the top for the second page.

Re-peel and no dirt or glue left:

The re-attachable permanent sticking sheet can be re-peeled and never leaves any dirt or glue on the attached surface. That means you can attached this copy holder to any place and any where you want, no more double-face or traditional tape cause headaches with removing. Any place include your expensibe notebook PC.

Sticking sheet permanent and washable:

When sticking sheet gets dirt on it, simply clean it with water (only) or detergent and dry it naturally. After you wash it. It returns to its sticking surface again. That means you may re-attached your copy holder to any place countless times.

Compact and easy to put on anywhere:

Very compact designed. Easy to carry anywhere and put on anywhere. You may put it on your monitor, notebook PC, dest, car, windows, refrigerator... and any flat surface you like.

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